A Nesting Rabbit: Some Pregnancy Thoughts

Sometimes I wish I were a nesting rabbit instead of a nesting person.

You see, rabbits don’t have to worry about purchasing (on a budget) a

1. crib
2. dresser
3. nightstand
4. changing table
5. baby swing
6. baby bouncer
7. rocking chair
8. carseat
9. baby carrier
10. stroller

and make sure that items 1-4 match, item 7 can’t crunch little fingers, item 10 is equal parts durable and portable, items 9 and 10 are compatible, items 8-10 and 1 are the absolute safest on the market, and items 8 and 9 aren’t exactly the same thing with different names. Oh, and lastly, go back over the list and decide which 5 items to eliminate because a small apartment tragically cannot fit everything a modern mother “absolutely must have”!

And those are just the big things! I got a ” ‘must haves’ registry checklist” from Babies R’ Us that listed no less than 152 items. Including a “baby gym,” “3 gowns,” a “wipes warmer,” a “diaper stacker,” and, I kid you not, 4 different types of strollers: full-size, convenience, jogging, and umbrella. What the heck is an umbrella stroller?!?


After some in-depth research, I have discovered that umbrella strollers are really strollers that can fold up very easily, like umbrellas. Although how that is different from a “convenience stroller” still beats me.

But you see, rabbits just need to dig a hole in the dirt and rip out their own fur to line it with. And litters of lots of little babies will be perfectly happy and healthy.

Nesting Rabbit

I would maybe deal with a little balding for that kind of simplicity.

5 thoughts on “A Nesting Rabbit: Some Pregnancy Thoughts

  1. Actually, babies can sleep in dresser drawers for a time. The other dresser drawers can hold their clothes, the car seat will be in the car, they can be fed while you sit it a comfy chair, you can stroll with her/him strapped to your front or back (depending on their age). You will probably enjoy a bouncy seat, for the babe) while you are fixing dinner. A lot of those “Babies R Us” items are money makers for the manufacturers and not really necessary. Good luck. PS I love your blog.

    • Wow! The dresser drawer idea is cool. James is very excited about it. =) And thanks for the advice. We plan on ignoring most of the things Babies R Us tells us we “need.” People have gotten by for thousands of years without them just fine!

      Glad you like the blog!

  2. Once again, LOVED your pictures…the half balded Nichole cracked me up the most! Don’t forget, Baby Ecklet has a hoarding grandma that has all of the above for you to borrow if needs be. It might be fun to have used stuff in your cramped apartment and buy beautiful new stuff when you get a beautiful new home. I think I have every type of stroller as well : ) .

    • Yeah, I think getting used stuff for now is the best route for us. It’ll be less stressful than trying to get everything to match, and it’ll be cheaper! Baby Ecklet won’t be able to tell the difference. And I’ll have to take a look at your stroller collection when I come down this week. I’m curious which kind you’ve found most helpful.

  3. Haha – loved this. Your drawings are fantastic! Ditch the umbrella stroller and jogging stroller (unless you really are a runner). And yes, get as much used as possible. (But not the car seat.) I know that 1st time mothers sometimes balk at getting used stuff because they want everything fresh and new and perfect (which I totally get), but you are right – your baby will not care! Check out Craigslist and yard sales and good luck! And the good news is bouncy seats (a must in my book) and baby gyms fold up flat.

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